What’s The Truth About Chemtrails?

Condensation trails or contrails are rather common as clearly visible vapour trails from airplane engines taking off or in flight. They result from water vapors from engine exhaust condensing to create those artificial clouds that trail an aircraft during flight. Over the years, a conspiration theory has emerged to allege that these contrails are definitely Chemtrails or clouds of chemicals not in contrast to your pesticides getting sprayed from modest biplanes over crops in big fields.

The origins of the Chemtrail conspiracy:

The chemtrail conspiracy can trace its beginnings in the mid 90s when the U.S. Air Force was accused of spraying big population centers or cities with a mysterious chemical substance from aircraft flying over these with unusual flight patterns. Needless to say, this conspiracy has been denied and allegations about any weather altering or chemical spraying activity have been debunked and refuted. But the conspiracy remains alive in just about every single internet site dealing with the topic and radio programs.

Proponents of the idea give a quantity of factors to clarify these chemtrails when they say linger longer than what would be expected from ordinary contrails. Though this can often be explained by atmospheric conditions and humidity levels which can delay contrail dissipation.

Here are some of the conspiracy theories:

Toxic chemicals are sprayed to medically weaken the population before a military takeover or coup as a weaker population can provide much less and quickly controllable resistance. There have been sporadic quantity of reports indicating physical and medical symptoms on some families right after seeing chemtrails but are not conclusive sufficient to support the theory.

Chemtrails are evidence of some clandestine bio-chemical military weapons getting tested but with less toxicity

Chemicals are sprayed to progressively control population growth by its sterilizing impact or genocidal effort. This is part of the conspiracy plans by a secret society like the Illuminati that wants to minimize the globe population by a couple of billions in the shortest time probable. One theory has it that these chemtrails are created over North America and Europe to cut down their population significant enough to disrupt economic activity whilst permitting China to attain globe energy status in place of the US.

Chemtrails are portion of measures as part of mitigating global warming effects from CO2 emission by reinforcing the ozone layer or inducing climactic weather alteration.

Chemtrails supply some sort of aerial vaccination against a probable toxic chemical attack or other forms of invasive incursions from space.

Additional info on the Chemtrail conspiracy and the massive conspiracy for global government can be located by visiting http://theIntelHub.com and other trustworthy alternative news web pages.

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